Cra-Z-Dreams Feature Poem: Math Lesson by Shaylen O. Braide

Our Cra-Z-Dreams feature poem for March was written by a student in our Word Warriors Creative Expressions youth group and workshop.  The class teaches youth how to use their inner creativity to inspire others, express themselves, and sort through their thoughts and emotions for better understanding and decision making.

Great job Shaylen!  Keep writing because you truly have a gift!


Math Lesson

By Shaylen O. Braide


There is a lot of negative in the world but not a lot of positive.

There is a lot of positive in the world but not a lot of negative.

Why would we want negativity?  The same reason why we need positivity.

My teacher told me I will need math someday, and I finally realize why: positive and negative cancel each other out.

Negative!  A boy shoots up a school killing people.

Positive!  Kids are finally being heard.

Negative:  Dad leaving a child.

Positive:  The child grows up happier than before.

Positive!  We need positive, but we need negative in order to change.

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