Poem: Polarity

Why do you hate?
You envy others
And despise your own reflection.
You spit on me
But I am your mirror.
Don’t you know who you are?
Who WE are?
Our spirits are fragments of God scattered
Like shards of glass
Across a hardwood floor.
To be glued together again.
To once again be bonded
To each other
And to that from which we came.
Only to realize in the end
That our separation
Was just an illusion.
We are apart, but one…
Unique, and the same…
All at once.
Life is a test
To see if we will find our way
To the truth
Of our oneness and divinity…
Or believe the illusion
Of our division and humanity.
We are part of the Almighty,
And God’s power lies within us.
We do not find the light,
We are the light.
So what are you searching for?

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