Poem: Regret

Winding road 2


Sometimes in my reflection I think,
“Where did my promise go?”
I’m miles and miles from measuring up
To visions from long ago.
But the journey of life is a winding road
That teaches as it bends;
We learn to master twists and turns
Before we reach the end.
If my soul releases all restlessness,
I will glory in my own skin;
I’m half the person I aspire to be,
But more than I have been.
The sticks and stones along my path
Left scars to let me know;
The lessons of my journey past
Used pain to help me grow.
So I’ll press on down this winding road
And give what life demands;
That’s what it means to hold my dreams
Inside my own two hands.
Though success will not redeem my soul
From past mistakes I’ve made;
Grace wasn’t earned by what I learned,
But given as I prayed.


Winding road 1

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