Cra-Z-Dreams Student of the Month: Tuari Claiborne

Cra-Z Dreamer of the Month:  Tuari Claiborne

As someone in the business of helping others identify their purpose and gifts, plan their goals, and achieve their dreams, it is always encouraging to meet someone young who already has a plan and a purpose.  In speaking with Tuari Claiborne, it is evident he has a clear idea of who he is and what he wants to achieve.

Tuari  is a senior at Lanier High School in Georgia.  Born in Chapel Hill, NC, home of the Tarheels, he has been in the Atlanta area for fourteen years.  His mom is originally from Greensboro, NC, and his dad from Savannah, GA.  Traveling to Savannah to visit family has had a big impact on Tuari because it is a diverse area that taught him how to interact with different types of people and handle different situations.  One of the key things Tuari’s parents taught him is to value everyone.  “Everybody is important,” Tuari says, “so being a leader is about recognizing people’s strengths and potential.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself Tuari!


Interesting Facts About Tuari

Tuari has many strengths that will make him successful in life.  He is very personable and driven, and completely devotes himself to his passions.  He is also well-rounded and involves himself in a variety of activities, which has taught him how to connect and work with different types of people while staying true to himself.

Some interesting facts about Tuari include:

  • Favorite music group: The Amigos
  • Favorite food: Lemon Pepper Wings (I love these too!)
  • Career interest: Aviation
  • Hobbies: music (plays the clarinet and bassoon)
  • Sports: Track, baseball, and basketball


Vision & Life Goals

So, what’s next on the horizon for such a promising student?  Following high school, Tuari will attend college.  He has received an ROTC scholarship as well as several offers to run track at the college level.  He has been accepted to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Tuskegee, and Western Michigan, but is undecided on which he will attend.  Once he graduates college, he is considering going into the air force.

“Serving others and being a part of something bigger than myself is a big reason for joining the military,” he says.  “I also like the idea of retiring early and focusing on growing myself.”


An Example We Can All Follow

Many of us can learn quite a bit from Tuari’s disciplined and compassionate approach to life and people.  Serving others is a consistent theme in his life, and he wants his legacy to be measured by his impact on others.  He has a deep desire to pass along what he has learned from his own vast experiences and says that exploring different things makes us better people.  “I want to help people experience new things and expose them to greater opportunities, so they can continuously grow as people.”

Based on what I’ve learned about Tuari, I would say he is well on his way to achieving his dreams and leaving a legacy that will make his family, and Cra-Z-Dreams, proud.

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