Enough II

What is “enough”?

There is no “enough”.  I simply am.

I am only meant to be me,

So I am always whole.


I am not people’s judgments of me.

I am not people’s expectations of me.

I am not people’s expectations of themselves.


I am no one’s regret.

I am no one’s hope.


I am no one’s pain.

I am no one’s happiness.


I am no one’s judge.

I am no one’s savior.


I am no one’s victim.

I am no one’s hero.


I am no one’s demon.

I am no one’s angel.


I am no one’s possession.

I am no one’s sacrifice.


I am me.


Simply me.

Complicatedly me.


Humbly me.

Proudly me.


Reluctantly me.

Boldly me.


Regretfully me.

Unapologetically me.


Me with a frown.

Me with a smile.


Me happy with less.

Me wanting more.


Me unsatisfied for now.

Me grateful for today.


Me mourning yesterday.

Me longing for tomorrow.


I am me.


I am here.


I am.


And that is more than enough.

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