Back to Good

I am slowly finding my way back to good.


Back to outdoor adventures and exploration…

Creating games with my imagination…

Simple causes for celebration…

I’m finding my way back to good.


Back to family dinners with conversation…

Dinner for two with no expectations…

No laptops or work while on vacation…

I’m finding my way back to good.


There were days when I sketched planes and cars

Just because I loved to draw.

There were times when I raced friends down the street

Without worrying if I would fall.


I remember writing stories and poems

That no one would ever read.

I remember moments with family and friends

That weren’t on an Instagram feed.


The things we think will make life better

Can sometimes make it worse.

That thing we believe will be a blessing

Can often become a curse.


Experience teaches much in life

And one thing I’ve come to know,

Is the more we try to make life easier

The less we seem to grow.




When the disease to please brings you to your knees

And life moves faster than it should,

Take the short road home… lay down your phone…

And find your way back to good.

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