Enough 1 (& Done)

I’m done.

Done being pushed around by life.

Done feeling like a spectator to my own story.

Done trying to meet everyone else’s expectations.

Done living based on what other people think.

Done giving the best of myself to people who don’t appreciate me.

Done sacrificing for those who always put themselves first.

Done allowing others to dictate my schedule.

Done making ZERO time for ME.

Done serving myself life’s leftovers.

Done second-guessing myself.

Done using humility as a mask for self-doubt.

Done letting arrogance be a front for insecurity.

Done embracing mediocrity.

Done avoiding failure.

Done feeling unworthy.

Done doubting myself.

Done saying yes when I really want to say no.

Done saying no when I really want to say YES!

Done being judged.

Done being judgy.

Done being indecisive.

Done being insecure.

Done being a prisoner to my limitations.

Done living a life that’s far below my potential.

Done walking around with gifts I’m not using.

Done seeing people no more talented than me succeed while I sit on the sidelines.


I’m done.

I’ve had enough.



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